Earth Day gives real estate reason to celebrate, educate

Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day — a time to appreciate this beautiful planet and raise awareness ...

by Gill South | Apr 20
Town Residential

Manhattan brokerage Town Residential is eliminating its sales and leasing operations to concentra ...

by Patrick Kearns | Apr 20
Wells Fargo fine

Federal regulators on Friday hit banking giant Wells Fargo with a $1 billion fine for violations ...

by Patrick Kearns | Apr 20
Parker Principle 12, Standing up to Climate Change

During our session, we spoke at length about disaster preparedness, stranded assets, rising home ...

by Cynthia Adams | Apr 20
HUD, Facebook, discriminatory housing ads

Facebook is under investigation for housing discrimination, again. The Department of Housing and ...

by Emma Hinchliffe | Apr 20
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